MDTP Assessments of Preparedness and Readiness Tests

MDTP has developed multiple choice diagnostic/readiness tests for courses ranging from Math 5 through Calculus. Results reports from these tests detail the strengths and weaknesses of students, classes, and courses over a range of important foundational topics and concepts. These materials are extensively field-tested in California classrooms and available at no charge to California teachers and schools.

MDTP Written Response Items

Provide open-ended opportunities for students to reason, think, and communicate effectively about mathematics. Each written response item is accompanied by a teacher scoring rubric and problem essence statement. Student responses provide teachers with a detailed view of each student’s conceptual grasp of a topic aligned to MDTP diagnostic tests.

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments

Provide one reliable indication of the extent to which a student’s current mathematical proficiency matches the skills and knowledge needed for success in a ninth grade math course. The diagnostic results should be used as one measure within a set of multiple measures to inform enrollment options for students’ mathematical engagement in coursework towards college preparedness.

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