IlluminateEd users are authorized to score MDTP tests in the Illuminate system, however you must be properly set-up by your school/district Illuminate representative.

When preparing to use IlluminateEd in conjunction with MDTP testing, go into Illuminate and search for the MDTP tests.  You should find a list of 19 tests*.   If not, you will need to contact your school or district Illuminate representative.  You are not authorized to enter test scoring answers on your own!

Once you find the MDTP test needed:

  • download an answer document for each student (not the MDTP supplied answer sheet)
  • administer the test – students will use the MDTP paper test booklets (it is not an online exam)
  • scan student responses into Illuminate
  • the results will be automatically sent to MDTP, scored and the results report shipped to you within 3 business days.
  • if you do not receive your results reports from MDTP within a week, please contact MDTP and your Illuminate representative immediately.

Please, leave a comment and/or contact your site director if you experience difficulty with this process.

* Properly set-up, Illuminate will show the following test list:

    MDTP: Algebra Readiness (AR45A00-0714500)
    MDTP: Algebra Readiness (AR45A10-0714510)
    MDTP: Beginning Calculus (BC30X97-0173097)
    MDTP: Calculus Readiness (CR40A97-0114097)
    MDTP: Calculus Readiness (CR55A97-0115597)
    MDTP: Elementary Algebra Diagnostic (EA50A90-0315090)
    MDTP: Geometry Readiness (GR45A06-0414506)
    MDTP: Mathematical Analysis Readiness test (MR45A08-0214508)
    MDTP: Prealgebra Readiness test (PR40A04-0814004)
    MDTP: Second Year Algebra Readiness test (SR45A06-0314506)
    MDTP: Integrated Third Year Readiness (IT45A00-0314500)
    MDTP: Integrated Second Year Readiness (IS45A00-0414500)
    MDTP: Algebra Readiness (GR45A93)
    MDTP: Second Year Algebra Readiness test (SR45A93-0314593)
    MDTP: CAHSEE Preparatory Diagnostic (CP45A12-0914512)
    MDTP: Calculus Readiness (CR45A12-0114512)
    MDTP: Grade 7 Mathematics Readiness (7R40A15-0614015)
    MDTP: Grade 8 Mathematics Readiness (8R40A15- 0814015)
    MDTP: High School Mathematics Readiness (HS45A15- 0714515)

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