Ordering MDTP Materials

Online Diagnostic Testing

Register to use the free, online diagnostic testing platform.

After registration, you will receive log-in instructions.  You may learn how to use this system either by viewing MDTP online tutorials, or pdfs,  or you may request a live workshop (available online or at your school site).

Diagnostic Paper Testing

Order paper testing materials here

In brief:  paper testing materials, scoring, and support are provided at 10 regional California sites. The UCLA site serves schools in Los Angeles and Ventura counties (except those schools closer to CSUSB or CSUF).  Testing materials have been developed to support middle and high school math courses.  Paper materials include MDTP readiness test booklets, student scantrons, and class information sheets.

  1. Testing booklets:  for each teacher, order one set of class booklets for each course taught (the booklets are reusable)
  2. Class information sheets:  order one class info sheet for each section tested.
  3. Student scantrons:  order one per student.

We can fill and ship orders within 24 hours of order placement.  We ship overnight UPS. However, unless otherwise requested we may hold off shipping until about two weeks before the scheduled testing date.

Online Placement Testing

Register to use the free, online placement testing platform.

Online placement testing is administered through the Ca director’s office, for more information,  visit http://mdtp.ucsd.edu  or email mdtp@ucsd.edu


Always feel free to contact us directly for information about selecting materials appropriate for your classes.


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