Preparation for Scoring

—  Teacher Instruction Checklist and Class Info Sheet Instructions  —

Preparing Class Information Sheets 

  • Use only brown Scantron class information sheets (F-13424-UCB). Do NOT make copies since our scanner can not read them.
  • Complete one form for each section tested.
  • Print the School Name, School Address (including zip), District, and Telephone Number at the top of the form.
  • Count and write in the number of answer sheets that will be attached to the form.
  • Print and bubble-in the Teacher’s name.
  • Print and bubble-in the Month and Year the tests were administered.
  • Print and bubble-in the Class Period. If your school does not have Class Periods, then bubble in “1”
  • It is essential to print and bubble-in the seven-digit Test Type number, e.g., 0814000. Verify this is the number centered at the bottom of the test booklet cover. This number determines the test key that will be used in scoring.
  • Write in the name of the test used. The test code/name can be found in the lower right-hand area of the front cover of the test booklet, e.g., AR45A00.

Returning Class Sets for Scoring

  • Review answer sheets and check that each student’s full name is printed and bubbled-in. Erase extraneous marks. Do NOT write any initials, numbers, or check marks in the corners or other unprinted areas of the forms. Stray marks or notes may make the entire form unreadable for the scanner.
  • Arrange the answer sheets so they are face up with the header at the top. Remove all scratch paper and unused
  • Place a completed class information sheet on the top of the answer sheets for each class. A separate class information sheet should be used for each class.  Do not group several classes with one class information sheet.
  • Forms that are bent, folded, or have tears might jam the scanner and delay processing. For this reason, we ask that you NOT use paperclips, rubber bands, or other means to separate class sets. The upper right corner of the Class Information Sheet is not notched to allow our offices to determine where each class set begins.
  • Place the stack of forms flatly in an envelope or a box and return to UCLA for scoring.
  • When possible please mail or deliver all class sets for your school at the same time.
  • Tests are scored in the order received. The printed test results are mailed to the teacher or school contact.  You may also arrange to pick up the reports. Unless scoring volume is unusually heavy, tests will be scored and shipped within 24 hours of being received.  We ship via UPS and delivery is generally 24-48 hours.