Using MDTP Tests For Placement

With the passage of SB359, The California Mathematics Act of 2015, MDTP developed assessments specifically to support schools and districts in their placement of ninth graders.

The materials and services MDTP offers to support placement and SB359 compliance include:

  • Placement tests specifically designed to support placement of entering 9th graders.
    • The High School Assessment (HSA40D16) for students exiting Math 8.
    • The Geometry Placement Test (GP40D16) for students exiting Algebra 1.
    • The Integrated Second Year Placement Test (ISP40D16) for students exiting Integrated Math 1.
    • Find placement testing protocol details here.
    • Note:  students exiting other grades can use the appropriate diagnostic test.
  • Diagnostic test for first month placement checkpoint (required for SB359 compliance).
  • Detailed results reports and spreadsheets.
  • Support in the effective and appropriate use of the tests and results reports.
  • Find some guidelines for placement here.

These materials and services are provided at no charge to accredited California secondary schools and teachers through the MDTP UC/CSU partnership to support math instruction.

To learn more about the differences between MDTP readiness and placement tests, please view the document MDTP Readiness vs. Placement Testing.

If you are interested in participating, please register here. For questions and more information, please contact the MDTP Director’s Office at or visit the website



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