MDTP materials and services support student readiness and success in secondary and college mathematics courses.  Teachers use MDTP diagnostic tests to adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their students and improve their courses.  Schools use MDTP materials to guide collaborative departmental discussions and initiatives, to develop effective intervention and enrichment programs, and to support placement and policy decisions.

Under the Multiple Choice Tests menu tab, you will find information about multiple choice diagnostic tests for courses ranging from Math 7 through Calculus.  Results reports from these tests offer a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of students, classes, and courses over a range of topics and concepts.  The multiple choice tests are extensively field tested to insure that results correlate with student performance in the associated course.

The Placement page will allow you to keep up to date on MDTP’s response to placement issues, as well as the new tests being developed to support school’s and districts placement decisions.

Under the Written Response Items tab, you will find links to a growing collection of constructed response tasks.   Each written response task is developed to allow the teacher to dig deeper into their student’s understanding of key concepts and to support students in making sense of those concepts.  Written response items have been field tested in classrooms across the state to insure their usefulness.

MDTP at UCLA offers full support for MDTP materials and services at no charge to secondary schools in LA and Ventura Counties.  (Schools outside LA or Ventura or closer to CSUF or CSUSB should refer to mdtp@ucsd.edu to find their site contact information.)

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