Upcoming MDTP Teaching Workshops

Writing in Math
MDTP Written Response Items
Math 6 to Pre-Calculus

Writing in math class supports students in making sense of mathematics and communicating their understanding. Writing supports differentiation and full participation and provides the teacher with evidence of understanding. Workshop participants will explore the suite of free, field-tested MDTP Written Response Items and have the opportunity to select items relevant for their classrooms.

Join us Saturday morning February 8, from 9-12. $12 parking. Sign up here

3 Part Series: Improving Teaching and Learning in the Math Classroom
Supporting Student Work With Fractions
Math 6 to Algebra 1/Integrated Math 1

Fractions are a source of frustration for both students and teachers in secondary math.  We will explore conceptual understanding of fractions and dig into your student’s thinking about fractions, their strengths, gaps and misconceptions. We will set goals and prepare short classroom activities that will remediate and extend student understanding of fractions. Each day of the workshop builds on the previous, so it is important to commit to all three days.

Join us 3 Saturday Mornings, February 22, March 7 and 21st, from 9-12.  $12 parking/day. Sign up here


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