Exit Tickets

Exit or entry tickets can be one of the most effective strategies for deepening learning and informing teaching.

  • Helps teacher to focus lesson
  • Consolidates learning.  
  • Gives info about student thinking, accountability; misconceptions and gaps
  • For example, give students 5 minutes to do any activities we did today
    • How are y=3x+2 and y = 2x+3 alike? Different?
    • Mauricio added 4.75 and 5.6, she got 5.31.  David got 10.35? Which of the two friends answers make sense?  Explain fully. Where did the other friend go wrong?
    • Simplify 3-4(x-2)
    • Watch this video for a relatively easy way to start paying attention to student thinking:  My Favorite No
    • One of my all-time favorites:  What did we do in class today (yesterday)?  Add-ons can include:  What was new?  What did you discover?  What questions do you have?

Have a plan.  The key is to follow-up with the results.