Exit Tickets: My Favorite No

Using Exit Tickets can help you in at least three important ways. 

  1. In planning, writing your exit ticket can help you focus your lesson.  What is the one key point you would like students to take home with them?
  2. How effective was your lesson?  What errors and misconceptions do students still have about the topic worked on in the lesson?  How can I best respond to the student thinking shown in the exit slips?
  3. Gives students an opportunity to consolidate their learning from the lesson.

The following teaching channel video shows how one teacher uses this idea  My Favorite No. In this case the teacher uses student feedback in a warm-up routine, but the same idea can be used for an exit ticket which gives you time to review the results and prepare a more considered response outside of the classroom. 

General purpose exit ticket:

  • What did we work on in class today?  Give examples. What did you understand?  What do you still have questions about?

For our functions topics goals, any of the activities given are great ways to frame an exit ticket, for example

  • “What can you say about an increasing function?”
  • “What are the intercepts of a function and how can you find them?”