Preparation for Scoring

Teacher Instruction Checklist

  • I have filled in a Class Information Sheet for every class period tested following the instructions provided.
  • I have double-checked each student answer sheet for the following:
    • first and last names are written and bubbled-in
    • pencil used only and sheets are free of extraneous marks, bends or tears. (Stray marks or notes may make the entire form unreadable for the scanner.)
  • I packaged the items to be scored by having:
    • placed a Class Information Sheet on top of the corresponding class set of student answer sheets
    • avoided using paper clips or staples as these would jam the MDTP scanner
  • If there are more than one teacher in the package, I have:
    • placed each teachers scantrons in separate folders
    • made sure each teacher has completed a Class Information Sheet for each class tested

Returning Class Sets for Scoring

  • When possible please mail or deliver all class sets for your school at the same time.
  • Place the scantrons flatly in an envelope or box and return to UCLA for scoring.
  • Tests are scored in the order received. Test results are emailed to the teacher information provided on the Class Information Sheet.
  • Unless scoring volume is unusually heavy, tests will be scored and emailed within 48 hours of being received.  MDTP’s scanner machine is very precise. There should be no extraneous markings on the Class Information Sheets or Student Scantrons.
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