Silent Board Games

The silent board game is a fun way for students to recognize patterns in an input-output table.

  • The teacher thinks of a relationship (often linear) for the table.
  • The teacher puts on the board an x-y table with only one of the quantities displayed.   So as to highlight the in-out pattern, the entries are not put in order.
  • Teacher fills-in the blanks for a a few of the quantities.  Waits for students thinking.
  • No talking is allowed until the completion of the activity
  • Students fill-in the blanks as the pattern emerges.  The teacher erases the entry (without comment) if the entry is wrong.
  • When all the blanks are filled-in the teacher adds “x” as an entry, so that students can fill-in the pattern “rule”.  Welcome all variations.
  • When the table is complete the teacher asks student to explain how the “rule” can be used to find the entries.  This reinforces the relationship for all students.  The teacher should also ask students to comment on what strategies they used to figure out the pattern.

The initial table might look like this:

table 2.JPG

The first few times you do this activity, use a simple linear relationship such as = = x+2, y = x-4, y = -x+ 3.  After the class is confident how the process works, try changing the x coefficient.  Perhaps try a simple quadratic relationship, etc.