Paper Test Administration

Note:  MDTP tests are intended to give information about instruction and student thinking, therefore math instruction aimed at preparing students for MDTP tests is NOT recommended.

CLASS INFORMATION SHEETS: Please use this page to help complete your Class Information Sheet. Make sure that each teacher conducting the test provides an email address in order to receive students’ tests results in a timely manner.

STUDENT SCANTRON: Each student needs to have a test booklet, a green scantron student answer sheet (not a photocopy), scratch paper and #2 pencil. Make sure students do not doodle on the scantrons. Our scanners cannot read ink and is highly sensitive to extraneous markings on the page.


  • Read the instructions on the front of the test booklet to your students.
  • Students must write and bubble in their last name and first name. All other information is optional.
  • We encourage you to also ask students to prepare a test sheet showing their work for each problem.  This sends a signal to the students that despite being multiple choice, work is expected and valued.  You should collect this work and save it in case you want to look back when your are analyzing the results.
  • Provide at least the amount of time suggested on the front of the test booklet. The test is not timed so more time may be given to allow students to finish the test; this might improve the diagnostic value of the test for the teacher.
  • Proctor the test. Circulate among your students during the test to ensure they are marking the bubbles properly, not writing in the test booklets, and not making stray marks on the answer sheets.
  • Unlike high-stakes standardized tests, guessing is discouraged on a diagnostic test as it can give an inaccurate picture of the student’s knowledge.  Encourage your students not to cheat or guess to ensure accurate class and individual diagnostic results. It may be helpful to explain that the purpose of the MDTP test is diagnostic and will not affect their grades.
  • Collect test booklets at the end of the testing period and erase any marks or writing so they may be reused.
  • Store test booklets and unused answer sheets for future use. Please maintain their security.

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