Which One Doesn’t Belong (WODB)


Similar to compare and contrast.

Helps students identify properties and characteristics.  

Teacher starts by asking students to find a reason why one of the quadrants doesn’t belong.  After a short time, ask students to find as many reasons as they can, why each of the options doesn’t belong. 

Which one doesn’t belong?



And, another. When designing WODB activities, don’t forget to use multiple representations and even empty cards.


How might we process this activity?

Whole class discussion:  

  • Poll for answers, then discuss, highlight concepts you have been looking at.  Are there any new ideas?
  • Ask groups to explain how they can arrive at a particular list item (so everyone understands concepts you want to highlight.)  E.g. Define what an intercept is. How can you find them in a graph? In an equation?
  • Can you find any errors or inconsistencies in the list?

Or, could do poster or swap meet…

In a gallery walk: What was the same as yours?  What was different? Do you agree or disagree and why. Questions/Concerns?


  • How might this be useful?
  • Can everyone participate?
  • When would it be helpful?



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