Writing in math class supports students in making sense of mathematics and communicating their understanding. 

Writing supports differentiation and full participation and provides the teacher with evidence of understanding.

Graph Analysis:

graph analysis.JPG


Here is a “Notice and Wonder” graph analysis example with student work.  http://drawingonmath.blogspot.com/2014/11/distance-graph.html


Journal Writing


  • When asked to find the mistake in the above journal entry, three students demonstrate different levels of understanding
  • Following-up with peer review can start the process of deepening student thinking

Using Error Analysis to Teach Equation Solving, Mathematics Teaching In The Middle School, Kathy Hawes, January 2007


Having secondary students explain the “why” of a problem increases not only their own understanding, but the resulting data increases teacher’s effectiveness in plugging gaps in student misconceptions.

Garofalo & Lester, 1987; Martinez 2006




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