Field Testing is Open

Applications for field testing of  Integrated Math II and Integrated Math III diagnostic tests are now being accepted.

Participating teachers commit to:

  • giving the field test to their students within the first 3-4 weeks of the school year;
  • administering a specified post-test in the spring;
  • completing a brief survey near the end of their course about their students’ readiness for their next math courses.

All field test materials and shipping are provided at no charge.

If your math department would like to participate, please fill-out the FieldTestData2015 form and email to MDTP-UCLA.

MDTP greatly appreciates teachers who take part in field testing – their support enables MDTP to produce  the high quality materials for which they are known.


Published by mdtpucla

MDTP is a statewide collaboration of the CSU and UC systems and the California Academic Partnership Program intended to support and advance secondary math instruction. MDTP develops, distributes, scores, and reports the results of multiple choice tests that measure student readiness for mathematics courses ranging from Math 6 to Calculus. MDTP at UCLA offers full support for MDTP materials and services at no charge to secondary schools in LA and Ventura Counties.

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