End-of-year Diagnostic Testing

MDTP diagnostic testing at the end of the school year provides great information to reflect on the closing school year and plan for the upcoming year. The results reports returned to teachers can help them identify the critical math topics learned well and those that students still struggle with.  Teachers can use the reports to think about their workContinue reading “End-of-year Diagnostic Testing”

Yay! A New School Year Starts

Any time is the right time to use MDTP materials, but the start of the school year is very popular with teachers.  At the start of the year, teachers use the MDTP diagnostic results reports to get a feel for their classes – the strengths, weaknesses, and misconceptions of their students; the instructional topics inContinue reading “Yay! A New School Year Starts”

Field Testing 2016

Any day now we are expecting the new common core aligned field tests.  Field testing insures that all MDTP materials are of the highest quality and allows Ca teachers to contribute to this effort. Integrated Math 2 and Integrated Math 3 Readiness are in their third and final year of field testing. Geometry and Algebra2 ReadinessContinue reading “Field Testing 2016”

Field Testing is Open

Applications for field testing of  Integrated Math II and Integrated Math III diagnostic tests are now being accepted. Participating teachers commit to: giving the field test to their students within the first 3-4 weeks of the school year; administering a specified post-test in the spring; completing a brief survey near the end of their course aboutContinue reading “Field Testing is Open”

The end of the school year approaches…

In the MDTP office we are ready for the usual end of the year onslaught: dozens of school site visits, thousands of orders, tens of thousands of tests to score.  And on April 25, we begin a four session workshop on Writing in Math, here at UCLA.  This post is to invite you to make our work just a little bitContinue reading “The end of the school year approaches…”

MDTP New Year To Do List

Now is a great time to assess your students’ progress towards instructional goals using either the same MDTP readiness test administered at the beginning of the year OR using the readiness test appropriate for the next course.  For example, a mid-year Geometry student might take either the Geometry Readiness or Algebra 2 Readiness test depending onContinue reading “MDTP New Year To Do List”

Field Testing is Open

Applications for field testing Grade 7 Math, Grade 8 Math, High School Math (suitable for both traditional Algebra I and integrated Math I courses), Integrated Math II, and Integrated Math III are now open. All field test materials and shipping will be provided at no charge. Participating teachers commit to: giving the field test toContinue reading “Field Testing is Open”