The end of the school year approaches…

In the MDTP office we are ready for the usual end of the year onslaught: dozens of school site visits, thousands of orders, tens of thousands of tests to score.  And on April 25, we begin a four session workshop on Writing in Math, here at UCLA.  This post is to invite you to make our work just a little bit harder.

MDTP testing at the end of the school year provides great information that supports a teacher in reflecting back on their courses and planning for a better next year – what worked, what needs improvement.  At this time of year, teachers usually administer the MDTP test for readiness for the following year’s course e.g. an Algebra teacher will administer the Geometry Readiness test.

The results reports returned to teachers can help them identify the critical math topics learned well and those that students still struggle with.  Teachers can use the reports to think about their work with particular students and use that info to develop ways to better support next year’s students.  It can help them dig deeper into the conceptual foundations of the math topics essential for moving forward in future math courses.

In addition:

  • the teacher can distribute individualized letters to students to help them reflect back on the success of their year and to plan for summer study.
  • groups of math teachers and departments can use the results as part of a professional development plan that uses formative assessment to improve instruction.
  • schools can use the results to inform placement into next year’s courses.

Also note:

  • if you need materials, use the link on the right side of this page.
  • if you prefer to wait until the beginning of the school year, you can order materials now, we will ship them to you in time for your test date.
  • new common core aligned readiness tests are scheduled for publication this August for Math 7, Math 8 and High School Math (Algebra 1 or Integrated 1).  If you want to be notified of their availability submit this info: 

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