UCLA Workshop Series

Improving Students’ Mathematical Understanding

A Five Session Workshop Series

Sponsored by MDTP and the UCLA Math Department*

MDTP at UCLA is offering a five week workshop designed to support secondary math teachers in their efforts to improve their students’ mathematical understandings.  In this collaborative effort, we will:

  • Administer an MDTP diagnostic to establish a baseline understanding of student thinking.
  • Set goals and evaluate progress.
  • Explore, customize, and administer math activities that:   fill-in gaps; remediate misconceptions; weave into current instruction; engage all students; support the math practices; and deepen understanding.
  • Analyze and respond to student work.

The five Saturday session will be held in the UCLA Math Sciences Building on February 10, 24, March 10, 24, and April 7 – typically from 9 to 12.  Enrollment is limited with preference given to educators that can attend all sessions.

A certificate of completion will be awarded to teachers attending all sessions.  

Register for Saturdays at UCLA

A light breakfast and snack will be provided.

* This opportunity is provided at no cost to participants

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