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Dear Math Educator,

The CSU/UC Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) is a statewide project funded to provide materials and services to support math instruction in California (see CA Ed Code).  Materials include multiple-choice diagnostic tests, multiple choice high school 9th grade enrollment assessments, and a suite of written response items, all suitable for secondary math courses.  

Near the start of the school year, teachers use the MDTP diagnostic results reports to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and misconceptions of their students; to set instructional goals; to customize instruction for greater impact.  Math departments use the results to identify productive areas for collaborative professional development and to guide supplemental math programs.  Schools use placement tests to ensure students are taking the appropriate course.

We encourage you to forward this post to your math colleagues and to contact us to schedule a school site visit to introduce and support the effective use of MDTP materials. Our offices open year-round.  All MDTP materials and services are provided free of charge.  We look forward to working with you.


Mary and  Nora

Mary Sirody
Site Director
Nora Perez
Office Manager

Published by mdtpucla

MDTP is a statewide collaboration of the CSU and UC systems and the California Academic Partnership Program intended to support and advance secondary math instruction. MDTP develops, distributes, scores, and reports the results of multiple choice tests that measure student readiness for mathematics courses ranging from Math 6 to Calculus. MDTP at UCLA offers full support for MDTP materials and services at no charge to secondary schools in LA and Ventura Counties.

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