Math workshop series

Improving Teaching and Learning in the Math Classroom

What math do your students know? What are their misunderstandings and gaps? What math do you want them to learn? How can you bridge the gap?

In these workshops, we will dig into student thinking, their gaps and misconceptions.  We will use that information to set achievable, relevant math goals.  We will explore and implement engaging math routines and activities that support students to fill in gaps, correct misconceptions, and build on prior knowledge.

Each day of the workshop, we will bring in and analyze student work from the classroom, reflect on progress towards our mathematical goals, and plan new activities and routines to be implemented in the classroom for the next workshop.

The activities and routines will engage students at all levels, integrate into and support regular course work and support both the math learning and teaching practices.  

The three Saturday sessions will be held in the UCLA Math Sciences Building on September 14, September 28, And October 12 – typically from 9 to 12.

Enrollment is limited.  Each day of the workshop builds on the previous day, so it is important to commit to all three days.

*** Register for Saturday Mornings at UCLA ***

A certificate of completion will be awarded to teachers attending all sessions. A light breakfast and snack will be provided.

This opportunity is provided at no cost to participants


Published by mdtpucla

MDTP is a statewide collaboration of the CSU and UC systems and the California Academic Partnership Program intended to support and advance secondary math instruction. MDTP develops, distributes, scores, and reports the results of multiple choice tests that measure student readiness for mathematics courses ranging from Math 6 to Calculus. MDTP at UCLA offers full support for MDTP materials and services at no charge to secondary schools in LA and Ventura Counties.

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