Math workshop series

Improving Teaching and Learning in the Math Classroom What math do your students know? What are their misunderstandings and gaps? What math do you want them to learn? How can you bridge the gap? In these workshops, we will dig into student thinking, their gaps and misconceptions.  We will use that information to set achievable,Continue reading “Math workshop series”


MDTP Online Training Workshop

Get ready to learn about your students’ mathematical needs and plan more effective, efficient instruction for the new year! This three hour workshop will introduce you to MDTP diagnostic tests and the free, online testing platform.  We will learn how to navigate the online platform; set up classes; add enrollment; and assign and administer tests.  WeContinue reading “MDTP Online Training Workshop”

Conference: Save the Date

Using Student Thinking to Improve Math Learning Please join us Saturday, September 22, 2018, 9:00-3:00, in the Math Sciences Building at UCLA.  The conference will feature a lively mix of speakers and sessions of interest to grade 5-12 math educators.  More info to follow.   (There is no charge for the conference however, UCLA charges $12 forContinue reading “Conference: Save the Date”

New: Free, Online Testing Platform

The MDTP online testing and reporting platform is nearing completion of the pilot phase and is scheduled for general release statewide release this summer.  Features include quick set-up, an intuitive interface, and robust, immediate reporting capabilities.  All current diagnostic tests are available online. During the pilot phase, there are two required trainings.  A pre-test trainingContinue reading “New: Free, Online Testing Platform”