Math workshop series

Improving Teaching and Learning in the Math Classroom What math do your students know? What are their misunderstandings and gaps? What math do you want them to learn? How can you bridge the gap? In these workshops, we will dig into student thinking, their gaps and misconceptions.  We will use that information to set achievable,Continue reading “Math workshop series”

Online Platform Training

This three hour workshop will introduce you to MDTP diagnostic tests and the free, online testing platform.  We will learn how to navigate the online platform; set up classes; add enrollment; and assign and administer tests.  We will discuss how to use the online platform to analyze your results and set actionable instructional goals. WeContinue reading “Online Platform Training”

Mini-Course Begins in March

 Improving Students’ Mathematical Understanding Filling in Gaps, Rectifying Misunderstandings,  Moving Learning Forward MDTP at UCLA is offering a five-week mini-course designed to support secondary teachers in their efforts to improve their students’ mathematical understandings.  In this collaborative effort, we will: Administer an MDTP diagnostic to establish a baseline understanding of student thinking. Meet regularly toContinue reading “Mini-Course Begins in March”

Fall 2015 Writing in Math Class Workshop

The Fall 2015 Writing in Math Workshop has been scheduled for five Saturday mornings here at UCLA.  The tentative schedule is September 19, October 3, 17, 31, and November 14. Here’s the info sheet:  Fall 2015 Writing Sessions. Reserve your space here. There is also a new menu tab:  Writing in Math.