2017 Mid-Year Math Check-Up

What progress have your students made in math class this year?

What has yet to be accomplished?

The new year is a great time to use MDTP diagnostics to get a snapshot of your courses, sections, and individual students’ progress, and to help you set goals for the work ahead.

Remember, MDTP is a CSU/UC supported initiative providing you with materials and services, free of charge, to improve secondary math instruction and learning.  All materials are common core aligned and extensively field tested.  We offer both multiple choice diagnostic tests and topic-specific written response items.

In addition, both new and veteran users of MDTP, find on-site meetings, where we analyze the results and explore effective teaching strategies that build on those results, to be extremely helpful.

So, add MDTP to your new year’s list today – contact us for more information,  order materials, make an appointment for an on-site visit to your school:

Happy 2017,


=================== Coming Soon ===================

  • new, free, easy-access, online testing platform
  • dedicated high school placement test
  • Spring 2017 mini-course announcements


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