Happy New Year From MDTP!

During the Coronavirus pandemic, MDTP will continue to support educators remotely during distance learning and hybrid models by offering remote testing on the MDTP Online Platform. Please reach out if you have any questions about our online platform or how to utilize student test results in your classroom. We are happy to help! Below are links to the many resources MDTP has to offer and upcoming Saturday Zoom Sessions with Carol Treglio, MDTP Outreach Facilitator. All MDTP resources are free for math educators in California K-12 schools. 

Stay safe!


Nora Perez

MDTP Site Coordinator


– Using MDTP Learning Modules: February 6th, 10:30am – 12noon

Using MDTP modules as an intervention tool tied to MDTP test items. Teachers will explore what they are and how they might be used either in class or on-line to practice and deepen concepts and skills. 

– MDTP Written Response Items: February 20th, 10:30am – 12noon

Written Response Tasks can be used as formative assessments.  We will discuss different ways to use them. Examine some written response tasks and discuss how they might be used with classes. 

– Analyze Data: March 6th, 10:30am – 12noon

Participants will explore what is available to them in the platform and then analyze data on a practice set. Time will be given for teachers to analyze their own data. 

Please register here.


MDTP Assessments: MDTP offers Grade-Level Assessment of Preparedness (6 – 8) and Course-Level Readiness Tests (Algebra 1/Int Math 1 – Calculus). To access these exams on our online platform, please register here. Paper versions of the exams are temporarily unavailable.

Written Response Items: MDTP Written Response Items have been developed and field-tested by the CSU/UC Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project with a primary objective to help improve students’ ability to reason, think, and communicate effectively about mathematics.

MDTP 9th Grade Assessments: MDTP 9th grade assessments were developed in response to SB-359. Unfortunately, the MDTP Assessment Platform has been temporarily suspended during the California mandated school closures. 


MDTP Learning Modules: MDTP Learning Modules are designed to support students’ independent practice on MDTP topics. Each Module is divided into lessons, and each lesson consists of Learning Experiences: Explore, Try This! (guided examples), Watch (Instructional Videos), Making Connections and Practice. The conclusion of each lesson also contains an interactive assessment.

MDTP Online College Readiness Practice Tests: MDTP offers two online Practice Readiness Tests: Mathematical Analysis Readiness Test and Calculus Readiness Test.

MDTP Webinar Series 2020: Links to videos of MDTP Webinars which were designed to support teachers using the MDTP Online Platform during remote and distance learning. Each webinar features a 30-minute info-session on specified topics followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.


– Demo Tests: We are excited to announce a new support for teachers called Demo Tests.  These are mini-tests of three questions to demonstrate the features of using the MDTP online assessments. There are five tests available: 

  • Demo Test – 6th Grade Mathematics 
  • Demo Test – 7th Grade Mathematics 
  • Demo Test – 8th Grade Mathematics 
  • Demo Test – Algebra 1/Integrated Math 1 
  • Demo Test – GR/SR/ISR/ITR 

Teachers can assign Demo tests to rostered classes in the same way that they would assign an Assessment of Preparedness or Readiness Test. They can also view the results to see how the data is displayed for the three questions. These results should not be used for assessment purposes. 

View Combined Reports: A combined report can be generated for classes, periods or teachers with the same test types. Filtering options will vary based on user role and access level on the MDTP Online Platform. 

Compare Test Reports: Compare two tests with the same test title, period, class name, instructor and school name.


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MDTP is a statewide collaboration of the CSU and UC systems and the California Academic Partnership Program intended to support and advance secondary math instruction. MDTP develops, distributes, scores, and reports the results of multiple choice tests that measure student readiness for mathematics courses ranging from Math 6 to Calculus. MDTP at UCLA offers full support for MDTP materials and services at no charge to secondary schools in LA and Ventura Counties.

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