Yay! A New School Year Starts

Any time is the right time to use MDTP materials, but the start of the school year is very popular with teachers.  At the start of the year, teachers use the MDTP diagnostic results reports to get a feel for their classes – the strengths, weaknesses, and misconceptions of their students; the instructional topics inContinue reading “Yay! A New School Year Starts”

Field Testing 2016

Any day now we are expecting the new common core aligned field tests.  Field testing insures that all MDTP materials are of the highest quality and allows Ca teachers to contribute to this effort. Integrated Math 2 and Integrated Math 3 Readiness are in their third and final year of field testing. Geometry and Algebra2 ReadinessContinue reading “Field Testing 2016”

HS Math Placement and SB359

Follow up to the February post on HS math placement… The MDTP package to support math placement of entering 9th graders includes the following materials and services: Placement test Diagnostic test for first month placement checkpoint Detailed results reports Support in the effective and appropriate use of the tests and results reports These materials and services are provided at no charge toContinue reading “HS Math Placement and SB359”

The Integrated Pathway*

News:  MDTP releases field test versions of Integrated Math 2 and 3 diagnostic assessments. * How effective is your new integrated math course?  * How are your students progressing?  * Where are the gaps and misunderstandings?  * What adjustments will you make to finish out the year?  * How will you improve the course next year?  * WhatContinue reading “The Integrated Pathway*”

California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015, SB 359

MDTP is developing assessments to support schools and districts with compliance of SB359.  The assessments, intended to support placement decisions for entering ninth graders, will be available August 2016. Please refer to MDTP News Release Re SB359 for more information. I also highly recommend the placement guidelines published in our Fall 2014 newsletter: Using MDTP TestsContinue reading “California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015, SB 359”

Time for MDTP New Year Plans

The new year is a great time to use MDTP diagnostic assessments to get a fresh look at your student’s mathematical knowledge; to assess your students’ progress towards instructional goals; and to set goals for the rest of the year.  Teachers generally select either the current course or next course readiness test.  For example, aContinue reading “Time for MDTP New Year Plans”

MDTP-UCLA News, October 2015

We are in full gear here at the MDTP offices – furiously shipping orders, scoring tests and sending results reports to teachers throughout LA and Ventura Counties. The new common core aligned Math 7, Math 8 and High School Readiness Diagnostics tests are flying out the door. Second year field testing for Integrated Math 1Continue reading “MDTP-UCLA News, October 2015”

Field Testing is Open

Applications for field testing of  Integrated Math II and Integrated Math III diagnostic tests are now being accepted. Participating teachers commit to: giving the field test to their students within the first 3-4 weeks of the school year; administering a specified post-test in the spring; completing a brief survey near the end of their course aboutContinue reading “Field Testing is Open”

MDTP News for Fall 2015

Three new Common Core aligned diagnostic tests are at the publishers and expected as follows: Math 7 Readiness, test code 7R40A15, the first week of August. Math 8 Readiness, test code 8R40A15, the first week of August. Algebra 1 and Integrated Math 1 Readiness, test code HS45A15, the second week of August, if not earlier. Note:  the MDTP workgroup determined that the mathematicalContinue reading “MDTP News for Fall 2015”