New Assessments and Field Testing 2017

New Integrated Math 2 and Math 3 diagnostic assessments have been released.  These assessments are currently available on the online testing platform.  For paper testers, we expect booklets from the printers soon, hopefully early next week. This year MDTP is field testing four readiness tests as shown in the table below.  Note the Geometry, Second Year Algebra, and the HighContinue reading “New Assessments and Field Testing 2017”

The Online Testing Platform Is Ready

The online diagnostic testing platform is free, easy to use, and gives detailed reporting of the math understanding of your students. You may register for access here. After registration, you will be sent an email with log-in instructions and a link to set-up your password.  After you set up your password, you will be readyContinue reading “The Online Testing Platform Is Ready”

MDTP Online Testing Workshop

Topics include accessing the online platform, registering your school, setting up classes so you’re ready to test in the fall; using the online platform to analyze your results and set goals; math activities to support and improve student thinking and get students talking math.  This is one morning session tentatively scheduled Saturday June 10, FridayContinue reading “MDTP Online Testing Workshop”

Expected Summer Releases

Six new readiness tests are expected this summer, probably in early August. HS30D16, which is a special thirty item assessment, available only on the new online platform, intended to field test new high school readiness items that are more tightly aligned with common core curricular expectations. At this time of year, it would be a goodContinue reading “Expected Summer Releases”

New: High School Placement Pilot and SB359 Compliance

MDTP has released assessments specifically designed for placement of incoming ninth graders and compliance with California Senate Bill 359 mandates. There are three tests available, free of charge, in either English or Spanish: High School Assessment (HSA) for students currently in Math 8 and who are entering either Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1 GeometryContinue reading “New: High School Placement Pilot and SB359 Compliance”

New: Free, Online Testing Platform

The MDTP online testing and reporting platform is nearing completion of the pilot phase and is scheduled for general release statewide release this summer.  Features include quick set-up, an intuitive interface, and robust, immediate reporting capabilities.  All current diagnostic tests are available online. During the pilot phase, there are two required trainings.  A pre-test trainingContinue reading “New: Free, Online Testing Platform”

End-of-year Diagnostic Testing

MDTP diagnostic testing at the end of the school year provides great information to reflect on the closing school year and plan for the upcoming year. The results reports returned to teachers can help them identify the critical math topics learned well and those that students still struggle with.  Teachers can use the reports to think about their workContinue reading “End-of-year Diagnostic Testing”

Mini-Course Begins in March

 Improving Students’ Mathematical Understanding Filling in Gaps, Rectifying Misunderstandings,  Moving Learning Forward MDTP at UCLA is offering a five-week mini-course designed to support secondary teachers in their efforts to improve their students’ mathematical understandings.  In this collaborative effort, we will: Administer an MDTP diagnostic to establish a baseline understanding of student thinking. Meet regularly toContinue reading “Mini-Course Begins in March”

2017 Mid-Year Math Check-Up

What progress have your students made in math class this year? What has yet to be accomplished? The new year is a great time to use MDTP diagnostics to get a snapshot of your courses, sections, and individual students’ progress, and to help you set goals for the work ahead. Remember, MDTP is a CSU/UCContinue reading “2017 Mid-Year Math Check-Up”

CMC-S Conference

If you’re going to the Palm Springs conference this November 4 and 5, make sure to stop by for a chat and perhaps take a deeper look at MDTP materials and services: Diagnostics Tests:  our common core aligned diagnostic tests  give you information about your secondary student’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps you designContinue reading “CMC-S Conference”