Fall 2015 Writing in Math Class Workshop

The Fall 2015 Writing in Math Workshop has been scheduled for five Saturday mornings here at UCLA.  The tentative schedule is September 19, October 3, 17, 31, and November 14. Here’s the info sheet:  Fall 2015 Writing Sessions. Reserve your space here. There is also a new menu tab:  Writing in Math.

Writing? But This is Math Class!

In a series of 5 meetings held at UCLA this spring, teachers from across the region came together to work on using writing to deepen their students’ understanding of math and engage them in the Common Core Math Practices.  It was a diverse and lively group, teaching 4th grade through high school calculus. MDTP sponsored the event whichContinue reading “Writing? But This is Math Class!”

The end of the school year approaches…

In the MDTP office we are ready for the usual end of the year onslaught: dozens of school site visits, thousands of orders, tens of thousands of tests to score.  And on April 25, we begin a four session workshop on Writing in Math, here at UCLA.  This post is to invite you to make our work just a little bitContinue reading “The end of the school year approaches…”

MDTP New Year To Do List

Now is a great time to assess your students’ progress towards instructional goals using either the same MDTP readiness test administered at the beginning of the year OR using the readiness test appropriate for the next course.  For example, a mid-year Geometry student might take either the Geometry Readiness or Algebra 2 Readiness test depending onContinue reading “MDTP New Year To Do List”

Fall News and Notes

Field Testing The teachers of over 40,000 students agreed to support MDTP’s effort to develop high quality readiness tests for Common Core courses Math 7, Math 8, High School Math (Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1), Integrated Math 2, and Integrated Math 3. Applications for field testing this year are now closed. The expectation is that Math 7, MathContinue reading “Fall News and Notes”

Field Testing is Open

Applications for field testing Grade 7 Math, Grade 8 Math, High School Math (suitable for both traditional Algebra I and integrated Math I courses), Integrated Math II, and Integrated Math III are now open. All field test materials and shipping will be provided at no charge. Participating teachers commit to: giving the field test toContinue reading “Field Testing is Open”

MDTP News for Fall 2014

Common Core Aligned Field Tests (available mid to late August): The Algebra Readiness test has been renamed High School Readiness:  the MDTP workgroup determined that the mathematical foundations needed for success in Integrated Math 1 and Algebra were aligned and recommends the new Common Core High School Readiness test for both courses. The second year ofContinue reading “MDTP News for Fall 2014”

Using MDTP and Sharing Ideas

Dear Secondary Math Educators, This site is intended to support MDTP usage and math ed for math educators in LA and Ventura county*. I encourage you to contribute to this site with your experiences using MDTP, challenges and successes in the use of the multiple choice testing results, use of written response items, formative assessmentContinue reading “Using MDTP and Sharing Ideas”